The Bacteria and Alien Project

The projects which I do with the children are often connected and related to each other. Simply the next

project takes its beginning in previous one but the outcome is always unpredictable, thats how it is with

children – parents and teachers know that exactly.


It happens very often – eight times of ten – that the children do take control over the project and that

leads to unexpected outcomes. Almost every time I am surprised and delighted by what we achieve.


I am not surprised that is exactly what happened in the case of doing “The Bacteria and Alien” project.

When we had finished our previous project – Happyland, left on the table was some bark and conkers.

The children with no hesitation started to outline those barks and conkers.

bacteria_alien_6 bacteria_alien_7



In the meantime they started to explain to me what are they doing:

  • “they are a good bacteria, the same ones which lives in our tummy and in the yoghurt”,
  • “now they are sad because they have no eyes” – so the children drew faces on them,
  • “now the are going to visit each other”,
  • “and now they are going to the cinema, for a walk and to do some shopping …”

bacteria_alien_10 bacteria_alien_8 bacteria_alien_9



On the final piece of artwork the black dots are the path that the travel they visited each other.

From the beginning the children led this project and they were pleased with the outcome they achieved.

bacteria_alien_5 bacteria_alien_4 bacteria_alien_3



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