Spring flowers

Whole project started with the simple idea – spring flowers. First we needed the flower petals. That’s simple, lets make them.    Now we need to make them look beautiful.        Our flowers need to be by the window. All we need is the window it self.   This wilnow looks wonderful.

Christmas Fair Live Sketching

At the Christmas Fair I drawn live sketches of the children. It was very exiting moment for me and for the children as well – I think . I let the children to choice favourite colour for the background and after a few minutes sketch was ready. Parents had an opportunity to have this digital sketch printed off the printer [...]

All about me – Art project

Another project at Evesham Nursery School. The children learnt about the relation between shapes, colours all this in the relation to self-portraits. Their used a over-head projector to mix all different colours and to overlaid different shapes. This was a great fun! The children played also with kaleidoscope projector and used oil pastels to draw.    

The Bacteria and Alien Project

The projects which I do with the children are often connected and related to each other. Simply the next project takes its beginning in previous one but the outcome is always unpredictable, thats how it is with children – parents and teachers know that exactly.   It happens very often – eight times of ten – that the children do [...]

Decorations of Saltdough

“Saltdough!! It’s probably too difficult..”-I thought. I am happy to say that I was mistaken. See how it was:)   First I tried an experiment at home. My son (3 years) is not to often too engaged in creative activities. I started making with him some saltdough decorations and he did not want to stop! It was amazing!   Next [...]

In Print

While working on this project, children had lots of fun, because they could dab their fingers in the paint and put finger prints on the sheets of paper.        For displaying these works I used children’s fabrics. How did it happen..? When children created “HAPPYLAND”, they used lots of paint. Possibly too many..:) All the area was overloaded with [...]


The children really wanted to draw characters. They started thinking about ideas for a new project. They drew lots a fantastic pictures and this is one of them.   They found conkers and started painting on them and on pieces of bark. When the artwork dried, children started to copy the characters from their sketches.      Afterwards children stuck [...]

Christmas Gate

Christmas time is coming!!!   At the Evesham Nursery School all the children were excited about making a Christmas gate.   Project started from making a star stencil. Later children has painted all the stars by using different techniques. After when all stars were finished I asked children what they want to do more. They decided to do the snowman.        [...]